To check, go to Settings > Music > Volume Limit. How to Fix the “Accessory Not Supported” Notification and How to Identify Fake Apple Accessories, Troubleshooting Mac App Store Issues, Resolution, Troubleshooting Frozen iOS App Downloads for iPhone …, Troubleshooting Spotlight Search Issues on Mac. Restart your paired device, e.g., iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch etc. And then repair them. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the button labeled reset. Place the AirPods in their case and gently close the lids. Next, scroll down and select the “Music” option. Apple is adding a new member to its AirPods headphone line, and it's by far the most expensive model yet. When you frequently use them, they tend to pick up a lot of dirt and dust from the environment. This is a maximum level setting. You just simply have to place them in the case and let them charge for a few hours. Hold the case with the AirPods next to your iPhone. The airpods say connected but they don’t play anything. If you want to charge them, you may place them in your case. Apple is replacing defective AirPods Pro models that make crackling or static sounds for free. Apple has launched a new service program for AirPods Pro after identifying a series of sound issues with the earphones. As far as sound quality, Patel says the AirPods Max are “crisp and bright, with a pleasingly wider soundstage than my Sony headphones, and no distortion at all, even at max volume.” Thank you!!! This article aims to give you some fixes when your AirPods do not produce any sound even if it is connected to your device. Then try again. I know that the AirPods are working with Windows 10, because my work laptop is from lenovo and I'm doing video-conferences or teams-calls all day with my airpods, without any issue. Make sure that your volume level is not too low. my airpods are saying they are connected but the sound plays ouloud and I have tried all of these solutions but none seem to work, I have the exact same problem and it does the same thing with my speaker. Make sure that the limit is set to the maximum. It shows it is conneced and I hear a beep in my ears – but doesn’t connect to my laptop. Your device might be experiencing some connectivity issues if the options above do not present a viable solution. Apple is replacing Airpods with sound issues for free. Stacey Butler is a tech writer at macReports covering news, how-tos, and user guides. AirPods must be set up properly with your iOS or MacOS device before you can use them. Some AirPods Pro that were manufactured before October 2020 have sound … The AirPods Max … Charge your AirPods for a few hours. To resolve this problem, try the following: If everything fails, you may want to consider booking a Genius Bar appointment. After your AirPods have been reconnected to your iPhone or iPad, follow the aforementioned steps again. I really don’t want to have to talk to Apple Customer Service…last time it was hours and still the problem had to be resolved over multiple days with multiple service employees. According to the notice on the support page, Apple says it has determined that a small percentage of AirPods Pro manufactured before October 2020 may experience sound issues. If you … AirPods can pick up a lot of dirt and debris. I have sound on android devices (videos, notifications, calls, etc.) Wait for the updates to be installed then turn off your device. Place both AirPods in your charging case. with time, these connections become a problem, especially when you want to establish a connection with your AirPods.