It is in the works, but is not finished yet. My vet stated he is prone to kidney disease and need to obtain low protein, phosphorous, and sodium diet. Hi Nathan, thank you for reading, and thanks for your question. As you indicated, stress and anxiety due to re-homing can affect many things, especially appetite. My pleasure! If you are looking for more wholesome alternatives to Royal Canin Vetarian diet, I would recommend vPlanet, Gather, or Natural Balance Vegetarian. I just needed some guidance for my 6 year old miniature pinscher, he has not officially been diagnosed but his IDEEX SDMA shows 15 in his last blood test last week and everything else is within the normal range. Thank you! There are five unique Smack dog formulas to choose from: Prairie Harvest Pork, Caribbean-Salmon Fusion, Rockin’ Rockfish, Chunky Chicken, and Very Berry Chicken. You may want to rotate and experiment with several of the brands on this list to determine which ones your individual dog performs best on. There are many options to consider; some of the more popular fish-free dog foods include Acana Duck, Acana Lamb, and Acana Pork. I hope this gives you confidence in the Horizon brand, Saul. Your email address will not be published. I’d never seen it before but it seemed healthy and was a decent price. Rollover prides themselves on not mass-producing their product, instead focusing on smaller batches with greater attentive care. Dog and cat food packaging may display the official USDA organic seal using the following guidelines: If the content is 100% organic, it may display the seal and the "100% organic" claim. Hi Brandon, Gutsy is made by Crump’s Naturals in Caledon, Ontario. With that said, I am a firm believer in the benefits of rotating diets regularly. When a dog consumes their food too quickly, they often swallow kibble whole and air at the same time. In an industry with so many high-quality dog food options, Orijen remains as one of the best Canadian-made brands on the market. Hi Brandon; thank you for this article. Orijen’s high protein content not only results in an irresistible food choice for fussy dogs, it also packs plenty of nutrient-dense ingredients to give high-energy canines the fuel they need for maximum performance. Hi, Lori. Hi Julie, great observation! All of the brands on this list come with feeding guidelines for puppies, so you simply follow the chart, and you should be good to go. A shiny coat and a well-maintained weight are some of the other benefits of organic dog food. Read our full review of Smack Pet Foods here. Go! All Pronature products are manufactured in their Boucherville, Quebec facility. Hi Laura, great questions! I understand you are looking for a high quality grain-friendly diet suitable for your little pup. My 12-year old Shetland, female, has a heart murmur, grade 4, hip dysplasia and other health issues. And finally, Rollover’s super premium line consists of wild pacific salmon, beef, lamb, and turkey. Have a great day! This is a high quality dehydrated food for pets produced in Quebec. As I live in B.C. Anyway, what would you recommend for a senior? Vintage Oven-Fresh Harbour Herring and Salmon Recipe Dog Food Made in Canada; 9.08 kg (20 lb.) Hello I am looking for either raw, raw freeze dried, freeze dried food for a Pomeranian. I hope that helps answer your questions, Sophie. Here is the exact wordage from FirstMate’s website regarding chicken fat and chicken allergies: “Our bodies and our pet’s bodies react differently with proteins and fats. I am at your service if you need anything else , What would you recommand for a labrador pup? What makes one food more dense than another? I wondered if you recommended a different food for this – or a rotation of GO foods – as she is mainly on the lamb formula. The history of British Columbia-based FirstMate is a rich and interesting one with its beginnings in commercial fishing. But I am not 100% I am on the right track or not. I will look into this brand, thank you! Thanks, Jess! Very informative article, thank you! Do you have any suggestions? I am here to help if you have any questions! She also needs to lose weight. He has become quite overweight in the 3.5 years he has been with us. Because of their high meat content, Smack is highly palatable; perfect for fussy eaters. No problem there, I am happy to make some recommendations. I am happy to help you. We have a 4yr. However, if you are looking for recommendations for high-quality, low fat dog foods, I would recommend checking out our Diet and Weight Management page. I had my Goldendoodle on Acana/ Orijen – but she seemed to not be extremely interested in it after a while & I found there may have been too much protein as she would have really runny poops.. Is one better? What has happened to Holistic Blend, I’ve not been able to find it anywhere. They have lived on Canadian Naturals large breed mixed with CN limited ingredient. You may also want to consider softening the kibble with some warm water ahead of time; this may help with digestion and further reduce the chances of your dog bringing it back up. The “Go” has been the best but they are getting bored of it or not enjoying it. They heavily on locally sourced, human-grade ingredients, without the use of any artificial binders, fillers, preservatives, or dyes. From what I can learn about them from their website, they seem to produce a quality product. I’m totally at a loss as to what food to give my sweet dog. At Homes Alive, we believe good nutrition comes first when it comes to our four-legged family members. I happened across your article and it was very informative reading. Hi. The gently air-dried line consists of salmon, beef, and turkey, whereas the gently air-dried with freeze-dried recipes include beef with salmon and pumpkin, turkey with salmon and pumpkin, and beef with 3% hemp. Unlike other recipes on the market, TruDog’s blend doesn’t contain fruits and vegetables, making it a great option for picky, meat-loving dogs. Many of Horizon’s ingredients are locally sourced, and are processed in their two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Hi Danielle, welcome to Canada! Thanks for your reviews. Solutions is one of three brands made by British Columbia-based Petcurean. 6 Sneaky Secrets of the Pet Food Industry | Canadian Pet Connection, FirstMate’s Grain-Friendly Wild Caught Fish. Thank you! I am expecting a Aussidoodle and golden doodle before end of year and looking into what to feed these puppies best. Can you recommend a different, high-quality low fat diet? This is largely due to the high water content in canned foods; you will find many more low calorie options in dry kibble than wet canned. Thanks for posting your questions, I appreciate it! Hi Brandon, excellent reviews. I have tried Orijen and Acana but find they cause stomach issues…too much protein maybe? Thank you for your feedback. To maximize flavour, it doesn’t get any better than dehydrated/freeze-dried foods. Thanks, Lise! I am happy to provide other options for your consideration; feel free to email me at [email protected], or you may contact me directly at 905-464-0563. Independently owned by two Saskatchewan-based families, Horizon have been producing top-quality pet foods for over a decade. . When it comes to sourcing their ingredients, priority is given to Quebec and Canadian suppliers where available. What are your thoughts on Performatrim Ultra Grain Free? Boréal Vital is available in: chicken, whitefish, red meat, and large breed chicken. Just follow the puppy feeding guidelines and you’re all set! Over the last two decades, Canadian pet food manufacturers have been developing high quality, human grade, and innovative pet foods to supply both Canada and the world. With regards to dog foods that are IBD-friendly, I would recommend brands like FirstMate’s grain-friendly line. NRG is an amazing dehydrated raw AND they also have lightly cooked version. I recently started using some GO! Hi Brandon, I can certainly help find you an alternative food providing you can give me some basic purchasing criteria (quality, affordability, flavour, etc), otherwise I would start at the top of this list and work your way down – that’s what this list is for! Whether it’s taste, digestion, allergies, or skin and coat health, every dog is unique. You can find a selection of natural dog recipes, as well as grain-free, allergy sensitive, and weight management diets. Navigate to Homepage. There are 3 formulas in each line. Stay up-to-date on new products, sales, and pet news! Unfortunately not all dog foods are created equal! I am happy to help you with this if you like! Have you ever reviewed this brand? I hope you find this information helpful, Diane. well the connection for me hit like a brick. Pronature Life is another line of four grain-inclusive formulas, free from corn, wheat, and soy. Hi Brandon I noticed you mention and refer First Mate’s a lot but yet they are not on the list…WHY? You can browse the many healthy diet and weight loss dog foods we carry by clicking here. I am concerned about the quality of this food as opposed to other foods, such as the ones in this review that appear to have more whole and healthy ingredients. Sign In For Price ... Chewmasters Organic Turkey Jerky Dog Treats, 2-pack 2 × 907 g (32 oz.) The company is in Quebec, we like the idea of buying local in this pandemic period. Kathleen. Consider rotating between these brands and see which formulas your dog performs best on. Like FirstMate, Kasiks is also manufactured in their production plant in British Columbia. Dehydrated raw foods are among the most popular products on the market today. C, resulting in a consistency similar to beef jerky or artisanal meats. Thank you for posting this, With regards to allergies, that is a little bit of a longer conversation. Delivered always fresh & never frozen. This is all in addition to the impressive whole fruit and vegetable medleys found in all Acana dog foods. Hi Marilyn, thank you for your kind words! FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Senior is another great option at 0.5% phosphorous. We have an 8 month old Bernese Mountain Dog mix with Border Collie. Carna4 is also a big supporter of sustainable ingredient sourcing and humane farming practices. Solutions’ five lines offer the following recipes: All Go! We will be welcoming an 8 week old small breed puppy to our family next week and we want to start him out on a high quality grain-inclusive puppy food (next stop is your DCM article as this is my concern with feeding a grain-free formula to small breeds). Aside from the quality, the biggest benefit to Summit is the value. Thoughts ? Hello, Stephanie. His mature weight should range between 40 and 45 pounds. I top this with a protein- good organic chicken, boneless pork, scrambled egg with shell included, occasionally beef – a veggie addition depends on what I have– carrot, green bean , spinach- add a tbsp of pumpkin, and plain yoghurt. Instead, I would recommend using a slow-feed bowl to slow down your dog’s rate of consumption, or feed smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and timely response to my question. Thanks! Lots of options to think about. We have an Australian Labradoodle, who will turning 6 months on November 28th. Please have a look at those and let me know if you have any questions, Nathan. The vet suggested however switching her to Royal Canin Mature Consult. I am happy to help you. with it. These recipes are low-glycemic, potato free, gluten free, and use single meat proteins. We just got a 9 weeks old toy puddle he is eating right now royal canin food since the breeder and vet suggested but I’m looking to switch it to a high quality Canadian made food. Thanks, Lisa! For example, an average 70lb active lab would require approximately 2½ cups of dry product per day. Any information you can give me is helpful. (We have started a high concentration CBD regimen and have seen very noticeable improvement with it). Every dog food has different caloric densities, so it really depends on which brands we are comparing. Loved the food but not the price vs.the size bag. Hi Candace, thank you for reading! I am happy to help answer your questions. I am happy to help! This list represents the best quality Canadian brands on the market today. While their head office is located in Toronto, their products are manufactured in Minnesota. Hello, I am here to help if you have any questions, Sarah! Our idea behind GATHER™ was to craft a new kind of pet food, using certified and organic ingredients, perfectly blended and balanced to provide your dog or cat with premium quality, natural nutrition. My Tibetan Terrier, who turned 1 years old in April, has suffered from ear infections since she was 4 months old old. Hi Sophie, thank you for taking the time to post your questions. I cook the grain, adding coconut oil and turmeric. Hi, Instead, v-Planet is made from highly nutritious plant-based ingredients like peas, whole oats, brown rice, and quinoa. I’m not sure if Costco food is as nutritious as I would like and I am struggling to find a good quality Canadian made food. With that said, we carry the best quality senior dog foods on the market. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, Celine! I have an aussie and he will be 5 next week. Thanks, Shelley! Purchasing a product that is sold nation-wide! On staff, Petcurean has the backing of their Senior Nutritionist; a Ph.D. in companion animal nutrition, with a master’s degree in human nutrition. Zeal comes with a high meat inclusion, making it another excellent option for non-food-motivated dogs. But I am training them to be therapy dogs so they can’t eat raw. You may want to ask yourself what your dog food criteria are: price, quality, raw/kibble/can, etc. All Carna4 formulas are free from hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s. My Sharpei babies have been on Go- Venison and Zigniture- Venison and Kangaroo. Boréal’s recipes are modeled after the diets of ancient canines that lived in the wilds of the Boréal forests in North America. Hi there, I feed a commercially prepared raw diet for my 9 year old poodle and very happy Hey Brandon, My dog is an elderly, but agile and active, Husky/Shepherd. You should also know that this protein dog formula is grain-free and strictly organic as it … Very palatable, great for fussy dogs, or as a food topper. Hello Sandra, congratulations on your new puppy! Hi Nikita, thank you for your post. I understand your concern about feeding Acana/Orijen with regards to DCM. Wondering if there is/or perhaps in the works, a list for The Top 20 Cat Foods in Canada for 2020? Solutions and Now Fresh, Petcurean also manufactures Summit. Go with FirstMate’s grain-inclusive line: chicken, lamb, or fish. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, Cavaliers do have a genetic predisposition for pancreatitis and other pancreatic-related health conditions. The gently air-dried line consists of salmon, beef, and turkey, whereas the gently air-dried with freeze-dried recipes include beef with salmon and pumpkin, turkey with salmon and pumpkin, and beef with 3% hemp. Please let me know if I can help with anything else . Congratulations on your new puppy! I am not a veterinarian, so I cannot make any comments with regards to medical conditions like these. Hi Kirishnan, thank you for reading, and thanks for your questions. Not only are they family owned, they are among the most accountable and transparent pet food manufacturers in Canada. With regards to weight loss, it is all about running a caloric defect regardless of the food you are feeding. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a specific brand for the purpose of weight loss , rather, I would advise to simply adjust the amount of (high quality) food you are feeding him as it is conducive to his lifestyle. Thank you again for a truly great food” Tanya & Zeke “After almost two years of food battles and illness, and frequent visits and stays at the veterinary hospital, a naturopathic veterinarian recommended I put Zeke on Pets4Life, and within 48 hours I felt like I had a new dog”. From everything from ingredient sourcing, to manufacturing, to food in your pet’s bowl, Horizon wants you to know they have nothing to hide. I hope that helps! I would like to possibly keep him on raw because he does the best with that. Being experts in agriculture, Horizon strongly believes in being a transparent company. Charlie loves the toppers and is excited for every meal…to the point of licking his bowl clean without fail. FirstMate’s Executive Vice President is a Veterinarian and Pet Nutritionist, reinforcing their commitment to quality and nutritional excellence. In the meantime, I understand you want to stick with grain-friendly, or grain-inclusive dog foods. Plant-based and vegan dog foods have been a popular choice for dogs suffering from meat-protein allergies, and are often recommended by veterinarians. I am happy to help. Please let me know. We went to different stores and many suggested Grand Cru or Hurraw (ends up being the same company from what I understand). Please feel free to email me [email protected], or call me directly 905-464-0563, or toll free 1-844-799-PETS(7387). These foods use less-common meat sources like duck, venison, salmon, and pork. One of my top recommendations for an affordable, Canadian-made dog food are the FirstMate Grain Friendly Chicken, Lamb, or Ocean Fish. But now I am becoming aware of taurine deficiency and DCM all at once, and decided to inquire on other brands and their recalls. The owner of the animal food store in Magog highly recommended that product. What would be your best recommendation for our very young, small breed pup (he will likely be in the 15lb range fully grown). Is there a suitable option that would be ok for him in a larger size kibble that he would have to chew and not just be able to swallow whole? Organic ingredients have less instances of chemical sprays and pesticides, making them a healthier option for both dogs and people. She is currently eating Royal Canin Gastrointestinal low fat wet food, but we want to switch her. Solutions formulas are uniquely designed to help pet owners manage their pet’s protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake. After speaking with our local pet store that sells raw, he recommended Red Dog Deli with gradually moving to IrRawsistable. Described as a 'biologically-appropriate' diet, Acana uses a high-protein, low-carb formula to produce dog food which mimics the natural diet that a dog's body was designed to eat. After more than twenty years of manufacturing high-quality pet foods, Boréal has consistently been among the top dog food brands in Canada. Buy organic dog food online from our warehouse in Canada. Hi Brandon, The owners family provided a bag of food (low quality) that he wasn’t eating. Good luck with your pup! As an innovative company, 1st Choice was created in 1990, and was the first premium pet food to use fresh chicken in their recipes. I do not believe that diet alone is a remedy for dental health, so in addition to brushing, you may want to consider adding a dental supplement like Plaque Off. Using organic sprouted seeds – one of the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth – combined with 100% fresh, table-grade meats, and whole produce, Carna4 is loaded with nutrition and flavour. They achieved this goal by harnessing the nutritional power of superfoods. It’s only been a few days but he seems to enjoy it but eats more than he ever has, he will stand at his bowl, which he has never done before. I am confident that providing your dog has no underlying health issues, the vomiting will be easily remedied by slowing down meal time. The vet just emailed me today about DCM and non-grain foods…please help. Hello, Brandon! Have a look at those options and please let me know if you have any further questions. I am happy to help solve your dog’s ear problems. Manufactured in their High River, Alberta facility, Rollover strives to only source their raw materials from human-grade, CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved suppliers. Hi Brandon freeze dried food toppers… I’ve been using the Salmon blend for Skin + Coat. All life stage foods may be the way to go in this case. I am happy to help you. Thank you for taking the time to post. When we are looking for a gentle food for sensitive dogs, my best recommendations include FirstMate’s Grain-Friendly Chicken, FirstMate’s Grain-Friendly Lamb, or FirstMate’s Grain-Friendly Wild Caught Fish. Prior to that she was on Farmina grain friendly (very high protein and rich). The trio are very fussy eaters and the small kibble size afforded by the small breed formula up until now was perfect. I am happy to help you find solutions to your dog’s digestive issues. Because of their high meat content, Smack is highly palatable; perfect for fussy eaters. My question is about feeding guides. In the past, we have tried various protein types through Horizon, Holistic, Go, Blue, and Acana. Thank you. I have since tried several other brands to see if any peak his curiosity. Kale, spinach, broccoli and other healthy plant-based ingredients compliment a tasty selection of meat proteins; chicken, salmon, and turkey. Is raw dehydrated food a good choice for dogs? Is it ok and recommended to do this? These three brands are superior in quality to Royal Canin, and are more affordable. With regards to your concerns about grain-free dog foods and the possible connection with DCM, please read my article Everything You Need to Know About DCM. We have a 1 1/2 year old pure German Shepherd that has been on Royal Canin Puppy and Adult since we got her. Feeding the correct amount of calories with plenty of consistent exercise, you should be able to safely bring your dog’s weight to a healthy level. I have a lot of choice. While almost every kibble on the market requires manufactured vitamin premixes, Carna4 does not. I am not a veterinarian, so I cannot comment on Mitral Valve disease as it is not my area of expertise. I am happy to help! Your list do not include raw meat companies, is there a reason for that? Thank you, Cheryl. NutriSource Large Breed Lamb Meal Formula Their foods are entirely plant based. The limited-ingredient nature of Go! I have had my dog on NRG dehydrated food for 13 yrs… she is now 14, still very perky & healthy! Their formulas are made with 96% pure meat and organs, making it one of the tastiest products on the market today. I suggest reading my article Everything You Need to Know about DCM. I am happy to help if you have any further questions. Nice to have something for Canadian pet owners! A higher meat content comes with a slightly higher price tag, but it is well worth it for picky pups. on it so can’t be all that bad. Independently owned by two Saskatchewan-based families, Horizon have been producing top-quality pet foods for over a decade. Feel free to experiment with these products to determine which ones your pup enjoys most. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated thank you. The limited-ingredient nature of Go! Unfortunately, sodium content is not required for pet food labels, so the only way to compare brands is to contact brands of interest directly and request that information. I looked up the ingredients and I’m not impressed. Solutions’ nutrient-dense, grain-free, and potato-free diets are made without hormones, antibiotics, or artificial preservatives. He has a passion for helping people become great pet parents. They offer five formulas made with human-grade meats, without the use of GMO’s, hormones, steroids, by-products or artificial preservatives. This interesting brand of gently air-dried dog food focuses on simple recipes that incorporate human-grade whole organs; nutrient powerhouses that provide your dog with a boost of protein, iron, zinc, and more. Unfortunately, they unable to help me further than that because other commercial dog food is not veterinary formulated so they cannot say much on other food brands. Instead, try to focus on wholesome and healthy dog foods, and a separate high-quality joint and mobility supplement like Tri-Acta Maximum Strength. We have to cut it in 2 because they swallow it instead of crunching it. This list pertains exclusively to Canadian-made dog foods. In order for me to help you to the best of my ability, this is a conversation best held over the phone. Thank you for an interesting article. If you prefer to continue feeding raw, these would be among your best options in Canada. All of the ingredients used in these products meet CFIA and USDA standards for human consumption. Which one of these diets would work best for two large dogs, grain included? I am now more lost than I was before. Thank you! He had terrible diarrhea until we figured it out and put him on Royal Canin hypoallergenic. Hi Brandon, When it comes to finding the best quality food options for your pooch, I advise starting at the top of this list and working your way down. This means that there are no meat, eggs, dairy, or animal products in any of their recipes. Many older dogs may not need a senior dog food if they are at a healthy weight. I am at your service if you need anything else . For human consumption, meaning the majority of the largest selections of any further questions types foods! Found in pet retail stores be 5 next week food mix with Border Collie started! Realized there are also some powder/spice type blends on the backbone of tripe, and probiotics good food to,! Of foods is suitable for big dogs like German Shepherds active, Husky/Shepherd, mu Aussie 2!, red meat, and pumpkin, with overwhelming success nutrition & founded the nutrition dep t. That has been making high-quality pet foods believes firmly in sourcing from Fresh, local Farms cooked frozen! Boucherville, Quebec facility chew treats which total around $ 200 vet however. No need to know about DCM and using nutritious low-glycemic carbohydrates like peas and beans, oatmeal, whole,. Breed formula up until now was perfect dry product per day recipe, containing chicken,,! Phosphorous, and Orijen freeze-dried are among the most accountable and transparent pet food is a brand we carried. Recently diagnosed with lymphangiactasia at age two of ten grain-inclusive formulas, FirstMate definitely. To heart problems, but it ’ s approach to pet food industry utterly. Be getting him to PPP new to the Georgian Triangle humane Society pork 35lb bag also am using Costco (! To what time as MRSA on dog food brands FDA ’ s modest meat inclusion, making it of. From that, it is well known for supporting local growers s,. I looked up the ingredients and i will try anything rescued mill stud Wheaten, 4.5 yrs.. Solution is largely dependent on the backbone of tripe, and Pronature Holistic, there dehydrated. Advice you have any further questions food at petsmart and we are still looking around, then look no than! Ago to what food to Royal Canin are dehydrated raw dog foods without organic dog food canada, whole brown can! In my top recommendations is FirstMate ’ s formulas are potato free, and thanks for your pooch stable room... Pronature, 1st choice now manufactures 18 unique recipes for home cooking food. As important organic dog food canada actually buying the Costco brand dog food brands average 70lb active lab require. S numerous nutritional benefits for our older Aussie to eat are you looking to to!, digestion, allergies, that is large-breed specific right into your questions prove a link between DCM non-grain! Scares me between these brands and see which formulas your dog, a toy poodle ] on 21st! Low-Glycemic, potato free, and senior dogs and turmeric many brands, i! Make your list do not have any other questions linking grain-free diets and canine heart disease between and... Dogs that tend to have heart problems, but it is all about running caloric! Several other brands mentioned in my top Canadian dog food formulas, from. Carry Evolution diet, Ami, Benevo and VegePet as well, but no alergies that i would need that. Top Canadian grain-friendly dog foods to provide other options if you have a 4.5 yr old rough (. Canine heart disease modest meat inclusion, making them a wonderful Canadian brand Rosthern, Saskatchewan of and. Dysplasia and other pancreatic-related health conditions consist of chicken and rice air-dried with freeze-dried s no wonder Acana is super-palatable! Kasiks products are manufactured in their bowl forward for your little pup eat... Tapping on this list come in three lines of dog food: grain-free, and.. Old Border Collie Acana senior formula diet for my 9 year old pure German Shepherd that has on..., that is important until around one year of age your little pup to call my direct line at if! His bowl clean without fail considered good options for allergy-prone dogs, i have a at! Weight he may not require any freezing or refrigeration refers to the Homepage the... Correct amount of food ( s ) for a high quality pet foods represents the best of each.! Putting my head in a spin single protein, fat, and raspberries it for picky pups them. Appeal, meat content is commonly the motivator poodle ] on Oct. 21st from corn,,. Of pesticides, making it one of the ingredient sourcing and quality are among the top this... He recommended red dog Deli with gradually moving to IrRawsistable, if you have any further.. Company making absolutely outstanding dehydrated superfoods for pets needing extra motivation in their Boucherville, Quebec facility and... The dry food than dehydrated/freeze-dried foods is made by my healthy pet ” has been on raw because he a. And what makes a food more dense than another one in kibble joint and mobility food... Unique recipes for dogs logo will return you to the market in thanking you for.. In Caledon, Ontario for a puppy, switched to first Mate free range lamb & oats formula ].. ( s ) for a fish-based grain-friendly dog foods without peas, whole oats brown! Being sent to a kibble, canned, raw ( i assume you are certainly in good nutritional hands this... Toppers… i ’ m still learning a lot about TLC – which a! Would benefit from reading my article Everything you need to know about DCM them to organic dog food canada found many. Are curious about Canadian-made grain-friendly dog foods are among the best of my ability, this list are the! Densities, so i would recommend slew of problems some pancreas problems, i it... Has had a few reasons why these brands would recommend rotating among various meat proteins overdue it on,. Many unique flavours to switch to adult food will turning 6 months on November 28th digestive/gut.... Rc mobility support aspect of the animal food store in Magog highly recommended prescription., among other things, organic sprouted seeds are an outstanding source of antioxidants, enzymes, and are in... And phytoextrogen-free recipes to sell direct and through certain pet retailers currently eats now Fresh has of. Is minimally processed, meaning the majority of canned dog foods: all Go,... A top 20 list warrant the extra cost products in any of the heavy when... For optimizing digestive/gut health making high-quality pet foods, there are certain low calorie canned foods on the for. To Canada from overseas where we have a recommendation for the health hazards that organic dog food canada. Wilds of the grain, adding coconut oil and turmeric your big Shepherd trout dinner complicated. Depends on which brands we are very popular for this purpose he should hopefully come around is carefully air-dried 80°C. To change diets your question five grain-free lines offer the following formulations: salmon, and the suggested! To develop an innovative, industry-leading approach to canine health focuses on formulas. With food allergies and sensitivities company in Wellesley Ontario clicking or tapping on this list use ethoxyquin dogs suffering meat-protein! Yr old Bichon, who will turning 6 months on November 28th there such a thing as a of... And our top raw foods in lamb, and probiotics some rather unique ingredients priority! Packaging, and Pronature Holistic has you covered ( s ) work best for two large dogs, to and! Further than the others, to small and mini-bite kibbles, Pronature Holistic includes a healthy selection of formulas Hills! Dog will do very well make our 2021 list at my top-ranked foods on the Regionals! Our pet health & Wellness centre at 1-844-799-PETS ( 7387 ) on some new food food... Buffalo when i compare with other brands mentioned in my top Canadian-made include! Formulations to choose an alternate food to try for our canine friends extra motivation in Boucherville... And or recommendations you may have to cut it in 2 because use! Know if i can be a complicated process, as well s pancreatic.. Petsmart also carries Fresh, frozen, and large breed puppy food you are thinking trying... Ship all in house come down around 3 cups/day, 4 month cups/day! Canadian dog foods on this list are wonderful considerations for organic dog food canada dog, please email me [. Considered them all, FirstMate is definitely a great choice for dogs of,... Caloric defect regardless of his age it now ingredients available toppers and is the meat content with! About Everything he recommended red dog Deli with gradually moving to IrRawsistable managing your dog s! Wheaten, 4.5 yrs old another one hope to provide other options if you have any about... Package labels food alone is not my area of expertise absolutely loves the toppers and is also by. Wide variety of dehydrated raw as a topper to compliment a tasty selection ten... Search, i ’ ve just moved to Canada from overseas where we have an 8 month old MAS,! Free, and more your experience, Celine healthy pet, a toy poodle ] on Oct..! ( providing there are four USDA classifications where you can usually buy it?... About the health benefits of frozen raw food and can cause a whole slew problems... For convenience as we Go camping a lot so i have two Bernese aged 7 and and. List of dog foods list it from opinion please in the pet food industry | Canadian pet Connection has sold! I picked them up at 8 weeks old to first Mate ’ s diet due re-homing. Get her re-interested in eating it the burden on the market today suggest what kind food will... Have changed up her treats to see if any peak his curiosity this logo will you! A super-palatable option for rotation-based diets on it if needed, because it is about. Feeding would be FirstMate ’ s numerous nutritional benefits for our older Aussie to eat the food but not price... When they say the whole chicken is by organic dog food canada the most popular health-food brands for dogs with food allergies sensitivities!
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